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Flooring Wooden Floor
Top View of Wood Floor & Table
Varnishing the Deck
Unrolling the Carpet
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Athens Hardwood & Design Inc has become the ‘tailoring’ company that
appreciates the time and attention required to create the natural beauty of wood.
Our workmanship is based upon a skill handed down from generations ago. We
handcraft all floors to suit the needs of modern design trends.
Our starting point is always our client, with their vision; we encourage their
choices that will forever embellish the essence, beauty and character of a
finished floor in their most sacred investment—The Home.
At each process the human eye is watching over the floor in terms of quality and
to date we still feel this is the best way to ensure the floor meets the client
exacting standards.
As you would expect from people so immersed in the natural world,
environmental concerns are vitally important to us, and you have the
reassurance that all our wood is sustainably sourced.


Athens Hardwood & Design Inc was rebranded from it former name—Athens Decorating Inc which was founded in 1976 by our mentor and father in law Christos Karokis. The result, a second generation of family’s traditions has evolved to create a niche persona in the 21 st century. Timeless artisans that hand finish their entire floor by our own highly skilled specialist team.

We believe in combining the best of modern techniques with old practices will always stand the test of time. Rest assured your finished floor would have beauty and quality that can only be achieved by our personal attention to detail.

1. We stand by our motto: ‘Centuries of Craftsmanship’.
2. We believe, preach &practice a ‘Green’ future.
3. We have integrity and skill that makes us unique.
4. We cater to limitless possibilities.
5. We are family and proud of our achievements.

Our favourite part of the job is the “ wow factor” and the sense of excitement that we achieve and present to our client, architects, and designers. Nothing is more rewarding than having a sense of honour that our approach is precise to exceed all expectations.

Our mission statement is clearly defined

 “ Centuries of Craftsmanship” we stand the test of time for all to admire our achievements.



When you're in need of a dependable Hardwood Floor Installation Service, don’t hesitate. Contact Athens Hardwood & Design today.

944 Coxwell Av, East York, ON M4C 3G3, Canada


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